Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication activities

WP leader Corinna Jacobi (TUD)

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The ICare project strives to enhance the European health care systems by increasing their efficiency, profitability and competitiveness. This Work Package is aimed at defining and implementing communication and dissemination strategies about the actions performed and the results achieved during the project lifetime. It ensures that knowledge and interventions created throughout the course of the project are made available in suitable ways to stakeholders and facilitators, end-user groups, policy makers and the scientific community. It facilitates distribution and dissemination of evidence-based online interventions for common mental health problems in European countries including, but not limited to, Germany, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland. WP10 will contribute to an in-depth monitoring and analysis of the scientific and technical outputs of the project, and ensure that they are effectively disseminated.

Generally, participatory methods will be employed. The dissemination and exploitation approach will be further refined and defined at the early stages of collaborative project implementation with key actors (stakeholders and facilitators) based on the results of a stakeholder survey conducted in all participating countries in the needs assessment phase. Furthermore, these dissemination actions will be continuously monitored and adjusted according to emerging needs and changing conditions during the project implementation.


Specific objectives are:

  • To develop and implement a communication and knowledge dissemination plan to inform the target audiences in suitable ways about the aims of the project, the impact on citizens’ wellbeing, and the contributions brought by the project in response to stakeholders’ needs and consumer demands. Furthermore,  a knowledge transfer plan to enable the best possible and sustainable use of the scientific project results by partners, third party end-users, stakeholders and advisors of health care systems, as well as by the scientific community to promote best practices and their adaptation to local needs.
  • To assess the needs and requirements for successful implementation and dissemination of prioritized interventions/programs by a stakeholder survey carried out in each of the participating countries, and to assess needs for future programs to be developed and evaluated.
  • To identify key actors/collaborators (stakeholders and facilitators, e.g., policy makers, representatives of settings, institutions and networks) in different health eco-systems in Europe, inform them about the challenges encountered by sustainably integrating technology into Mental Health Care Delivery in Europe and ensure their commitment, and to set up a thematic network focused on online interventions for mental health challenges which collaborates with relevant existing regional, national-wide and international networks and draw up a Network Charta to ensure sustainable cooperation.
  • To disseminate and exploit research activities and findings within the scientific community, among stakeholders, and the general public.
  • To disseminate and exploit the evidence-based online interventions resulting from the ICare project, involving key actors/collaborators and setting up tight relationships with setting representatives and intervention agents.