Evaluating and Integrating Transdiagnostic and Blended Interventions for Eating Disorders and Obesity in Primary Care

WP leaders Corinna Jacobi, Ina Beintner (TUD)

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The overall objectives of this work package are 1) to evaluate the effectiveness of an online self-help intervention to bridge waiting time for face-to-face outpatient treatment for eating disorders in a pragmatic, multi-country, multi-center, randomized controlled trial with 2 conditions (everybody-Plus vs. Waiting List) in Germany and the UK and 2) to disseminate a comprehensive prevention program through which we can both identify individual risk status and offer tailored, evidence-based interventions for individuals across the whole spectrum of risk for eating disorders and obesity, using minimal person-based resources.

Specific objectives are:

  • To provide a suite of tailored, evidence-based online interventions (everyBody basic, everyBody original, everyBody AN, everyBody Plus and everyBody Fit) for women at different levels of risk for developing eating disorders and women who meet full diagnostic criteria for eating disorders and seek outpatient treatment, but face waiting times.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of everybody Plus as a self-help intervention in two countries (Germany, UK) in a primary care setting that ensures high external validity and transferability of findings to clinical practice.
  • To evaluate the reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation and maintenance of the combined online screening and tailored, evidence-based prevention program to promote healthy eating and exercise behaviors, reduce body dissatisfaction, dietary restraint and low-level eating disorder (ED) symptoms, and support healthy weight maintenance in a dissemination study in German speaking countries.
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