everyBody plus: Effective Time Use While Awaiting Outpatient Treatment

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Corinna Jacobi, Dr. Ina Beintner (TU Dresden)

Research Partners: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Schmidt, Dr. Peter Musiat (King’s College London)

Contact (UK site)

Recruitment for the trial in the UK has been completed.

About the study

everyBody plus is an eight-week online self-help program for women who binge eat. Topics include the genesis and maintenance of eating disorders, binge eating and compensatory behaviours, body image, dietary restraint, balanced eating and exercise, self-esteem, emotion regulation, and perfectionism. everyBody plus offers reading assignments and various interactive elements: moderated online discussions, diaries and cognitive-behavioural exercises. Every participant receives weekly individualized feedback from a clinical psychologist.

In previous studies, everyBody plus has already shown to be effective for women with subthreshold eating disorders. Now, the program is available within a randomized controlled trial for women with full syndrome eating disorders (Bulimia nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, other eating disorders with binge eating) who are waiting for outpatient treatment.

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