ICare-Prevent: Evaluating and Disseminating Healthy Lifestyle Interventions for Adolescents in School Settings

WP leader Megan Jones (MUW)

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The overall objectives of this work-package are 1) to evaluate the effectiveness of an online prevention intervention, with two tracks tailored to participant needs, for promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors, specifically regarding self-management of eating habits, physical activity, and psychological wellbeing in parallel pragmatic multicenter randomized controlled trials with two conditions (ICare-Prevent vs. Prevention As Usual) in Austria and Spain; and 2) to disseminate this comprehensive, multi-track, prevention program through which individual risk status is identified and tailored, evidence-based interventions are provided for adolescents in a cost-effective and sustainable platform.

Specific objectives are:

  •  To provide a suite of tailored, evidence-based interventions (StayingFit-Healthy Habits, StayingFit-Weight Management), which comprise the ICare-Prevent program.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the two-track, ICare-Prevent intervention for promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors such as healthy eating behaviors and physical activity behaviours, healthy body image and successful emotional coping strategies in order to reduce the risk for mental health problems, for example eating disorders, in Austrian and Spanish adolescents.
  • To assess the acceptability of online screening for early identification of risk status and unguided ICare-Prevent as delivered in schools and analyze possible implementation barriers from final users and relevant stakeholders.
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