ICare Prevention Model for Promoting Resilience and Coping Skills for Students at Risk of Developing Adjustment Disorders (ICare-R)

WP leaders Cristina Botella, Azucena Garcia-Palacios (UJI)

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The main aim of this WP is to develop and test the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an unguided Internet intervention program for promoting resilience and coping skills (ICare-R model) in people at risk of developing Adjustment Disorders (AD), such as students low in resilience confronting a crucial life event like the first year of university. AD constitutes a salient health problem, generating significant economic, personal and social costs. All these reasons highlight the need for making the person more resilient and better prepared to deal with stressful situations. Specifically, our first goal is to demonstrate that this minimal intervention can diminish these costs and the risk of developing a mental disorder. Our second goal is to incorporate the ICare-R preventative model on an organizational level in the education field across three European countries (Spain, Germany and Switzerland).

Specific objectives are:

  • To provide a preventative online intervention for enhancing resilience, for decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety, and for increasing wellbeing (ICare-R)
  • To evaluate the effectiveness and acceptability of ICare-R in a randomized controlled trial compared with care as usual (CAU)
  • To analyze feasible strategies to implement ICare-R and to identify possible implementation barriers from final users, professionals of University counseling services and the University authorities
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