ICare Project management

WP leader Corinna Jacobi (TUD)

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This Work Package is aimed at ensuring an effective management of ICare: Day-to-day administration, smooth communication strategy, a timely and accurate submission of reports and deliverables, and monitoring of the work in progress.

Specific objectives are:

  • Ensure highest quality of research activities and to streamline the research and development activities carried out by the different partners, organized and coordinated within the different work packages.
  • Provide a management structure and communication platform for efficient decision-making between the partners while establishing and maintaining a high level of team spirit
  • Ensure the project’s implementation within the targets of time, budget and quality and the achievement of objectives.
  • Guarantee all administrative tasks in an accurate manner, such as the timely submission of all reports and deliverables including a precise budget control plan.
  • Provide the communication interface between the European Commission and other stakeholders for communication ensuring visibility of the project.
  • Provide the communication interface for the Project Advisory Committee in order to involve it in major decisions within the project and ensure efficient communication of relevant issues and information.