We Can

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Schmidt, Dr. Peter Musiat (King’s College London)

Research Partners: Prof. Dr. Corinna Jacobi, Dr. Ina Beintner (TU Dresden)


Recruitment for the Trial has been completed.


About the study

We Can is an online skills training programme, developed for carers of people with anorexia nervosa. Carers of people with anorexia play an important role in the recovery process, however often do not have enough support, information, and knowledge about how best to help their loved one in their recovery from anorexia. Additionally, carers often find that supporting a loved one can take its toll on their own mental health.

Through eight interactive modules, carers can learn more information about the symptoms of anorexia nervosa, how to communicate effectively with a person with anorexia, how best to provide support at difficult times, and how to help a person with anorexia manage unhelpful behaviours. The programme also helps carers to identify their own needs, and develop a plan of how best to meet these needs and ensure the carer is supported. In previous studies, We Can has been found to be an effective intervention for carers of people with anorexia, and the current study is investigating this further through a randomised controlled trial. For further information on We Can, please contact Lucy Spencer ( lucy.spencer@kcl.ac.uk ).

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